Friday, April 6, 2007

All to know abt our cakes

We make yummylicious cakes..... you won't be disappointed but just will crave for more...

  • Moist Chocolate cake - starts from RM60 per kg
  • Extremely rich Butter cake - starts from RM60 per kg
  • Moist Coffee cake - RM65 per kg
  • Moist Carrot cake - RM65 per kg
  • Plain Cheesecake / Marble Cheesecake - starts from RM65 per kg
  • Kek lapis with layered creamcheese - RM75 per kg

We can also customise the design of cakes specially for you...

  • Decorative buttercream/creamcheese covered cakes (eg. cartoon characters - 2D) - starts from RM95 per kg
  • Fondant covered cakes (cartoon characters, eg. for birthdays - 2D) - starts from RM120 per kg
  • Fondant covered cakes (complex designs, eg. for birthdays - 3D) - starts from RM170 per kg
  • Fondant covered cakes (formal designs, eg. for wedding) - starts from RM170 per kg
  • Miniature cakes - starts from RM15 per cake
*For additional/customised decorations in detail, please contact us as the price will vary based on extra ingredients used and complexity of the design.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Cuppycakes... all sizes... for all occasion

we have cupcakes for all occasion... birthdays... to celebrate a new born.... makan-makan saja.... its for all reason.... most important is spending time together...

ok... for the babycakes .... which is 1.5" in diameter... Assorted designs with colourful sprinkles


  • Italian buttercream toppings - 49 pieces for RM50

  • creamcheese toppings - 49 pieces for RM60

  • cho ganache toppings - 49 pieces for RM60


Irresistable Vanilla
Angelic Chocolatte

tadi dah ada baby... so sekarang kena la ada mummy & daddy kan.... hehehhe... ok

PRICE (assorted designs - swirl with colourful sprinkle)

Mummy Cake (2" diameter) - RM38 for 16 cakes

Daddy Cake (2.5" diameter) - RM50 for 16 cakes


Angelic Chocolatte Moist Dark Choc
Irresistable Vanilla Traditional Classic Vanilla Cake
Monkey Vanilla Banana


  • buttercream

  • creamcheese

  • choc ganache


Special flavours are available = RM40 for 16 cakes

Sticky & SweetPeanut Butter
Honey Bunny Carrot and Pineapple

* our price varies according to design request and also choice of toppings. Will alwiz try to accommodate to your request and choice of color if we can....

btw, this is how babycakes and mummy looks like in term of its size....

All about Where you’ll find, not only tasty… but, gorgeous looking cupcakes and sweet treats suitable for all occasions and walk of life. What started out as a hobby has now evolved into a serious joint effort of three wonderful people; Sheeda “the art director”, Elle “the thinker” and Eymie “the baker” who enjoy good food… and now we want to share our passion in creating good food with others.

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The satisfaction of knowing that we had done our best, the sight of beautifully done cakes, the sweet smell and delicious taste... we would not trade it for anything in the world. Every creation is unique and always an improved version. We had put a lot of effort to ensure all our cakes has the right rich taste and all the ingredients are halal without any doubt.

We love what we do and hope that you love our cakes too! So, don’t wait any longer… keep on browsing, pick a cake and place your order… and start sinking your teeth into our yummy cupcakes – isn’t the taste heavenly?

Bon Appetit!!