Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lego Technic

we receive a request from a client to do up a Lego cuppies.... at first i really hv no clues what-so-ever ... i kept on imagining that we have to stack cupcakes on to the other... just like a lego... then we met and she explains... that her niece loveeeesssssssssss Lego Technic.... and when she actually showed me the catalogue or the book on lego technic... my eyes rolled.... mak datuk!!! this is more complicated than the normal lego that i've imagined... but luckily she did not insist on us doing a car or a tractor or whatever... just Lego Technic as the theme... phuh!!! it does take us sometime to figure out what we wanna do.... and some more this is for a 7 yr old boy... so, this is what we have come up with.... Thanks Zureen for the order and Happy 7th Birthday Ariz Arman!!!