Sunday, June 10, 2007

Barney & frens

hmmm.... one new thing that i hv to improve after venturing into this business is to watch more Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel.... wanna know why??? i'm really hopeless when discussing abt cartoon characters esp those new ones... when we received an order to do up "Barney & frens" bday cake.... i'm totally blur!!! ok... i know Barney the purple lookin dino but THE FRENS???? ... beats me man!!! hahah... luckily my 2 other partners are expert in all this... phew!! i guess when u hv kids u'll start learning things in their world pretty quickly...

nways, the barney & frens cake is especially done up for the sweet Princess Hannah.... we are again happy that we hv managed to brightened up another kid's day with our special cake....

"Happy Bday Hannah!!!!"

p/s: hmmmm.... i think we can find the Barney&Frens figurines in their fridge... still kept aside for Hannah.... mana sampai hati nak mkn Barney tu....

.... tengok la Barney ngan kengkawan bersantai tepi laut..... :)

"Barney lazing around.."

"baby bob having fun swimming"

"BJ and the sand castle..."

"the full cake"

"the view from top"

"the happy princess with her special bday cake"

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